We started our activity in 2010 by identifying the problems of the primary production and we decided to develop PlantDirect in collaboration with our producers.

Our design includes three directions: technical support for agricultural holdings, processing action and promotion of the produced products both in the Greek and the international market.

Our main activity is to:

  • support the traditional farms, like olive and nut trees (pistachio, almond, walnut, hazel tree);
  • promote cultures, such as chestnut, fig tree and pomegranate;
  • organise rationally the cultivation of small fruit trees, like chokeberry, blueberry, raspberry, hippophae, blackberry, goji berry, golden berry and pepino;
  • develop farms of selected aromatic herbs, like lemon verbena and tea;
  • deal with alternative crops, such as Paulownia tomentosa;
  • examine, experimentally, phenotypic fruit trees, like the dogwood, the arbutus, the sloe (prunus spinosa), in order to test the creation of more profitable commercial farms.

Our objective is to create more profitable farms.

Farms, for which huge sown areas are not needed in order to be characterised as viable. How can we achieve profitability?

If we reduce the production costs through the more rational management and if we convert the achievements and the knowledge of the basic study into the applied agricultural practice. Our objective is to produce qualitative and certified agricultural products free of residues by plant protection agents.

Finally, our objective is to cooperate substantially and practically with our producers.

Solely the client’s profit constitutes our priority and, therefore, our own profit may be also ensured. We enjoy our cooperation with producers, who are fully aware of the reason why they invest on us (why, how, how much)…