Our well-established view is that, in every collaboration with independent producers - companies- producers’ groups-cooperatives, a specific working protocol applies. This protocol starts always with a general study of the farms (an advanced physicochemical – microbial analysis; a model is attached) so as to collect all the necessary information. Thanks to this information, we manage to control, if the farms are compatible with one or more different cultivations and we may, then, provide our support not only during the planting but also during the complete cycle of vegetation, covering all levels of fertilization, nutrition and plant protection. All these data, combined with land surveys, by our qualified personnel ensure the complete technical support of the agricultural holding.

  • Farm studies: Microbial and physicochemical soil analysis – Analysis of the history of the acreage, control of the plants’ compatibility - Viability study of the selected plants (technical and economic analysis).
  • Evaluation and laboratory testing of the original plant material.
  • Certification of agricultural holdings (Organic-Integrated agriculture/GlobalGap).
  • Constant farm surveys for the implementation of adaptable and totally guided agricultural practices models.

Working Protocol of technical department


The processing consists of three basic sections:

1. Design of processing units: In cooperation with the promotion and sales department, we study and analyse the market signals both in Greece and worldwide. Taking into consideration the available budget and the market analysis, we set the production strategies. After a first cost estimate, we draft a complete and detailed study of the existing building equipment and machinery. Furthermore, we undertake the outset of the processing unit as well as its supervision according to the customer’s wishes.

2. Research and Development of new products: We design our products according to the market’s needs. Our strategies include a complete flow diagram analysis of the final products, the constitution as well as the time of the sustainability. The scientific staff of PlantDirect is present both during the testing phase at an industrial level and during the first official production of the product.

3. Quality Systems: We undertake the setting up and the preparation not only of processing units but also of the existing businesses. The working protocol includes 2 internal inspections for the recording of deficiencies both in terms of infrastructure level and procedures and forms. The necessary certifications of the processing unit shall be determined, the required supporting documents shall be gathered and - in the end - the responsible manager shall be present during the inspection. Possibility of the preparation of systems: ISO 22000, ISO 9001, BRC, IFS, Kosher, Halal, BIO.

Working protocol of the processing department


This Protocol contains the research and seeking for new customers in Greece and abroad, planning, organisation, coordination and control of product sales or services that are manufactured by cooperating companies, businesses, industries and generally group entities. Organisation and presence at national and international exhibitions. Advertising.


This department, using all necessary information of the farms, takes full advantage of the financing possibilities according to the occasional announced programs.